A lifelong passion for design

I’ve always been interested in fashion and design. I find it endlessly fascinating how different shapes, textures, and colours can so deeply affect how we feel and function. Not just when we wear them on our body, but also in how we use them in our home. 

After all, our home is in many ways an extension of ourselves - it reflects who we are and what we value. Even more than that, our home is our sanctuary. As such, the interior spaces we create shape our most important environment.

When it comes to decorating my own home environment, I have always loved looking at interesting pieces of home decor wherever I go, and imagining the ways in which I would use each of them. 

A vase. A bookend. A serving board. A key tray. A statement. 

Every piece is a story waiting to be told.

A spark of inspiration…

On one of my travels some years ago I found myself in Milan, gazing longingly at a large marble dining table. It was gorgeous no doubt and would be an incredible centrepiece in any person’s home. But ooh, the price!
I began to wonder… what if I could create my own new design, using that table as inspiration… but make it more affordable for more people to enjoy in their homes?

The idea of creating my own pieces filled me with so much creative energy, I began finding inspiration everywhere. Sharp lines. Feminine curves. Colour and contrast. And of course, the luxurious tactile nature of natural stone itself. 

I started to see how I could make my ideas a reality. An idea was forming… and that was the beginning of A’Object.

The experience to match

I am certainly no stranger to stone and marble. My husband and I have been in the stone industry for over 13 years in a separate business. Over more than a decade of dedication we have grown a deep understanding of how to handle, use, and live with this incredible organic material. 

We know stone. We know quality stone. And we know how to find the right pieces for creating unique objects that add a splash of luxury to any home. So I got to work sourcing the best marble and the finest artisans to help me bring my vision to life.

Azi’s vision realised

Today what started as a passion project has blossomed into a collection that I am truly proud of.  I love that each piece is abstract and can be interpreted and used in many creative ways. The collection is a tribute to the sublime individuality and imperfection of nature.

Whether you’re looking to make a design statement, create your perfect interior spaces or simply add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine, I trust that within this collection you’ll find some special pieces that you’ll treasure for life. 

Azi Akhavipour
Creator and curator

Frequently Asked Questions

How are AObject products made?

All of our products are handmade by skilled artisans. We handpick our craftspeople and work with only those that take genuine care and pride in their work.

Will my order look exactly the same as the picture?

Natural stone and marble is organic matter that is formed in the earth over thousands of years. Differences in heat, pressure, and mineral content all influence how the material forms and looks. As such every piece is special and there are no two pieces alike. 

At aobject each piece is uniquely beautiful with different veining and patterning characteristics. General characteristics of stone will remain the same however some parts of stone may present thicker and more dominant veining patterns whereas some might look more subtle with less veins.

Stone is a natural product. It might contain cracks, holes, dark and light patches and yellowish or brownish blotches might appear on some section of the stone batch used, which might also present on the final product. 

Please remember these natural imperfections are still beautiful and not considered as flaws as they’re due to the nature of natural stone materials. 

Even so, each piece is inspected for colour, texture and quality by our team. We have exacting standards and send back any piece that we would not be happy to feature in our own home.

Is marble a hard stone?

Marble is very hard but compared to others in the natural stone family such as granite, it is relatively soft. Like many elements within nature, natural stone is both extremely durable and yet it does require you to treat it with care. It will scratch and stain so proper maintenance is required to keep it in top shape. 

That being said, if you take care of it, marble will infuse your house with its unique beauty for a lifetime.

Why are some products available for pre-order only?

In order to avoid overproducing and reduce wastage, our products are produced in small or limited quantities. At aobject we aim to focus on providing unique quality and sustainably minded products. For us to be able to achieve this, some of the products will be available for pre-order.